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32" Overflow Kit with 1.5" Drains

32" Overflow Kit with 1.5" Drains

This is our standard 32" slimline overflow kit.  The weir openings are 0.5" tall, with a total distance from the top of the box only 1".  The external box utilizes 1.5" drains for increased flow capability.

If you are flowing over 1500 GPH through your sump, this is the system we recommend.

The system includes:

(1) - Black 32" Slimline Internal Weir Overflow Box

(1) - Smoked External Box with Eurobrace and Lid

(2) - 1.5" Slip X Slip Bulkhead Installed in the Internal Weir Box

(6) - Gaskets for 1.5" Bulkheads (three per bulkhead for each side of the tank)

(3) - 1.5" Slip X Slip Bulkhead with Gasket

(1) - Acrylic CNC Machined 1.5" Close Ended Bulkhead Wrench

(1) - Acrylic CNC Machined 1.5" Open Ended Bulkhead Wrench

(1) - Acrylic 60mm Drill Template w/ Center Line, Level Line, and Water Line Etching

Installation instructions can be found in the video below:

$ 250.00