29 Sump Kit

29 Sump Kit

This updated* kit includes all the pieces needed to install a dual drop-in 4" x 14" filter sock holder, adjustable height skimmer baffle and media chamber.  It also includes three sets of silencer plates to quiet down the water entering the filter socks.  It has one set to insert inside the socks, a high flow set to fit in the holder when not running socks, and a low flow set to use when running sock less but at lower water flows.

 It also includes a pair of acrylic right angle jigs.


*The updated kit does away with the standard 3 baffle bubble trap, and replaces it with a two baffle system with integrated media chamber.  2" course foam blocks work great at stopping even the smallest micro bubbles.  You can also put bags of carbon, GFO, live rock rubble, bioballs, or ceramic media in the chamber.  This new design adds increased functionality, takes up less room, and is easier to install than previous versions.

Installation instructions can be found in the video below:

$ 125.00